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MemoFlix is a awesome tool for teaching your baby.  

MemoFlix is a collection of online video flash cards.  Similar to paper flash cards, these video flash cards have proven useful in strengthening memory.  This is a website that you should bookmark and come back to often.  We are constantly adding new files to our library.

MemoFlix online flash cards are exactly that, flash cards that are available online through your computer.  The online digital flash cards are short Quick Time movies with 10 words, 10 pictures, narration and sound effects that have been carefully put together so they run smoothly and capture your child's attention.

These video flash cards are easy to use.  All you have to do is register once and we will provide you with a password to our library of flash cards.  Once you are registered, visit the library page and click on the link categories of your choice.  The movie will play on your computer's browser.  The movies are streamed through the internet, so there is no downloading and saving movie files to your computer.  You do not have to worry about taking valuable space from your system.

We recommend you show your child the flash cards once, twice or as many times as they are interested in viewing them.  You can use the stop and play button on the movie controller or move the playhead to any specific location of the movie.

Make this an interactive experience for your child by pausing on pictures that your child likes and discussing them further.  The movie presentations appear on a clean white background with no advertising or confusing graphics.

We hope you enjoy using this tool.  Feel free to give us your feedback.

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Some images used in the digital flashcard movies courtesy of sxc.hu
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MemoFlix DVD
QuickTime 7.5 or newer version needed to view flashcards.  Click here for Free Download.

The flashcard movies will show directly on your browser.  You can use Safari, Internet Explorer or FireFox browsers. 

MemoFlix Digital flashcard movies should play automatically on your computer.  The moives are streamed from our server to your computer so there is no need for downloading and saving.  A good internet connection speed is recommended.
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"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives."

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